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Available exclusively to brands on Shopify, a dedicated product review landing page is a destination to collect product reviews without sending customers to individual product pages. These are useful if you are sending review requests directly from your email solution instead of Stamped.

In This Guide

Product-specific review page

A product-specific reviews page is easily created using the URL formula below!

Using this standard URL, insert your own ##storeURL## and ##productHandle## or Product ID:

Here is an example of how to format the URLs:

General review page

Some brands might wish to collect general reviews and later assign them to products

Using this standard URL, insert your own ##storeURL## :

Verified reviews

Reviews from product-specific self-hosted pages are considered verified and will appear in your Stamped Queue. Reviews submitted via a general review page are not automatically verified. Visit our guide on Verified Reviews here to learn more! 


Adding your self-hosted pages to a QR code (Shopify only)

If you sell to customers in person and have business cards or other physical media, you can add a QR code that directs customers to your self-hosted review pages when scanned. 

Using a QR code generator tool like Canva, QRfy or My QR Code, simply add your self-hosted link (https://##storeURL##/a/review/write) during setup. Don't forget to add your website's URL in place of ##storeURL##! 

We recommend using the general self-hosted URL instead of product-specific unless your business only sells a single item. Once the customer has submitted a review, use our guide linked here to assign them to your products. 

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