How Do Customers Write A Review?

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Customers can write and submit reviews in multiple different ways. You can then use these reviews to promote your store and increase engagement so you can drive more sales and conversions. Follow this guide to learn how customers can write reviews.

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Email Sequence: Automated Review Requests

You can send automated review request emails at a pre-scheduled time, either after order placement or order fulfillment. Our review form is embedded directly inside the email, making it easier for customers to submit their reviews without any friction. This can increase conversions by more than 70%.

Review request emails can be customized to fit your business needs, set up to be sent out at specific intervals, and altered to include additional questions in your review forms.

Follow this guide to learn more about the Email Sequence feature.



You can send review request reminders via SMS. Since SMS has high open and response rates (as high as 98% and 45%, respectively), this feature can be very effective in getting more reviews.

Follow this guide to learn more about how to send customers review request reminders via SMS.


Main Widget on Product Pages

Customers can write reviews directly on each respective product's page, which are then made accessible to the public according to your moderation settings.


Customers include their name, email address, rating, and review. Once they submit their review, they can also share it on social media.


Self-Hosted "Write A Review" Page

Customers can also write reviews on self-hosted "Write A Review" pages without needing to visit specific product pages. You can ask customers to either write a general review or a product-specific review by sharing a direct link via email, SMS, and so on.

Note: This feature is only available for Shopify stores.

Follow this guide to learn more about self-hosted "Write A Review" pages.



We offer a powerful Rest API. You can find our API endpoints documentation here.

Display Widgets

We offer a variety of different display widgets, which you can use to show all or specific reviews on your homepage, on your product pages, or anywhere you would like. View the full list of display widgets in our Display Widget Showcase and follow this guide to learn how to install them.

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