Adding Tags to Reviews

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With this feature, you can add tags to reviews in the dashboard, which allows for easier management/sorting of reviews.

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How To Add Tags

You will see a "tags" option when viewing the review details in the UGC section of the dashboard:


Simply enter a tag of your choice and it will be saved to the review:


Should you intend to tag the reviews in mass, there's a mass action available to add/remove tags, once you have selected more than 1 review in the dashboard:


A pop-up modal will then be displayed for you to add/remove the relevant tags for the selected reviews:


Filtering Reviews By Tags

Once you have a bunch of reviews all tagged up, there will be an option available to filter the reviews using any of the available tags:


Making good use of the tagging system will allow you to better manage the UGCs, especially when the review pool grows.

Filtering Reviews In Display Widgets By Tags

You can make use of the tags to display specific reviews that are tagged with specific tags in the display widgets.

  1. Head over to Settings - Widgets - Display Widgets
  2. Click on the desired display widget section you wish to customize (We will be using the "Carousel" widget in this example)


  3. Click on "Show All Options and Filters" to expand all the available settings.
  4. Fill up the desired review tag(s) that you wish to display under the "Tags" text field.


  5. Click on "Get Codes" and copy the generated codes to paste on the desired location on your website in your theme to display the widget.

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