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Although Google is the global leader in terms of Search Engines we should not forget about Microsoft which still owns a large amount of traffic after Google. In this article, we will show you how you can use the Bing Shopping Product Reviews feature to include the UGCs in your Bing Shopping campaigns so that you don't miss out on showcasing the reviews to this large chunk of traffic.

*Available on Business and Professional plans. 

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Introduction To Bing Shopping Product Reviews

Almost all customers seek out recommendations and testimonials before choosing a business, product, or service. They do this because it helps them to establish trust and make informed purchase decisions.

Bing Shopping Product Reviews feature allows you to showcase your product ratings collected in Stamped to further establish that trust and encourage purchases from your potential customers who are searching for a relevant or similar product in Microsoft Bing!


Generating the Feed URL

In order to generate the Feed URL for Microsoft Merchant Center you first need to obtain the Public API Key and the Store Hash from Stamped Dashboard

1. Go to → API Keys tab and click Copy to copy the API Key to the clipboard.


2. Now you need to use the below URL to download the XML file that feeds the reviews into Bing

Just replace  ##Public_API_Key## and ##Store_Hash## with the API key and Store Hash you have copied in the previous step. (including ##)

Setting Up The Feed

First and foremost, you must signup for a Microsoft Ads account and create a Store in Microsoft Merchant Center.

The catalog feed for Microsoft Merchant Center can be configured via FTP with the Feed URL you generated in the previous step. We would recommend referring to the below guide from Microsoft to set up the feed.

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