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An email sequence is a series of marketing messages targeting your audience on a set schedule. Customers don't always reply to a review request right away, so a sequence captures higher replies. 

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Benefits of Email Sequences

Email sequences improve your review response conversion rate by asking for a review multiple times. Each sequence can have different subject lines and content, so you can consider your longtail content strategy and improve your performance over time.

Other benefits:

  • You can track conversion rates for each sequence to identify your best-performing content and timing
  • Liquid support. We love that our users love liquid coding in Shopify, and now we're bringing this to Stamped. There are tons of possibilities using Liquid in review request emails here are some variables references:
    Liquid Variable Reference
  • And some tips on the possibilities:
    Liquid Tips

How To Add Email Sequences

  1. Settings - Customize - Reviews - Review Request Sequence
  2. Click on 'Add sequence' to add another email sequence, this will be sent to customers who did not submit a review through the 1st email sent
  3. Each sequence can be individually customized, just like your original review email
  4. Up to 3 additional email sequences can be added


How it works:

  1. The first sequence is sent to customers 14 days after fulfillment
  2. If the customer hasn't written the review, within 7 days, the second email from sequence #2 will be sent to the customer 
  3. If the customer still hasn't written the review, within another 7 days, the third email from sequence #3 will be sent

Note: The number of days can be updated under the Interval 

How To Delete Email Sequences

You will find the red "Delete Sequence" button by scrolling to the bottom of the page:


The first sequence cannot be deleted.

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