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The Self-Hosted Thank You Page will allow customers to submit reviews for other products in the order directly in the page, and also helps with your store's branding, since the page is hosted in the store itself.

Here's an example of a Self-Hosted Thank You Page:


How To Enable The Page

    1. Settings - Customize - Thank You Page
    2. Click on the button to Enable Self-Hosted Thank You Page, make sure it's green
    3. Click on Save
    4. Preview the Thank You Page by clicking on the orange preview button below



To update the redirection settings according to the type of self-hosted thank you page you would like to show, by entering the URL - https://##storeDomain##/a/review/thank-you (##storeDomain## should be replaced with the actual domain address of your store):

Review submission -
Answering a question -

Below is the example for setting up the self-hosted thank you page after a review has been submitted:


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