Common issues with Imports (reviews & Q&A)

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Here is a list of common issues and questions faced by our users. If this documentation does not answer the query you have, simply email us at

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Incorrect Date Formats

The created_at date which review was submitted should be in the following format: YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS 

See the image below on how to change the date format before attempting to upload the reviews file.


Product IDs in Scientific Format

This formatting issue is not known to give any errors during importation but will lead to the reviews not to be correctly assigned to the correct products. Scientifically formatted Ids usually look like this: 6.63E+12

Kindly ensure to utilize Google Sheets to format and export the file as Excel tends to cause formatting issues.


Missing Headers (Required ones)

You can check on the CSV Template Guidelines here on all the required headers for the import CSV file (the top row).


Empty Rows

Kindly ensure that the CSV file has no missing rows in between the provided reviews data.


Junk Characters

Appearance of Junks Characters in imported reviews is usually due to the formatting issues when exporting reviews from your previous reviews app into a CSV file. To fix this kindly search and replace all the characters using CTRL+F in google sheets before importing into Stamped.


For more on how to import your reviews into Stamped please refer to: Import Reviews Into Stamped.

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