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Lantern enriches Shopify stores by offering personalized quizzes that emulate one-on-one consultations, closely aligning products with customer preferences. It integrates seamlessly with email marketing giants like Klaviyo and Mailchimp, enabling retailers to send highly targeted follow-up emails based on insightful quiz responses. 

With our Lantern integration, you can add your Stamped ratings to product recommendations on quiz results pages for added trust and social proof for the final push toward sales. Follow this guide to learn more!

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Activating the Integration

  • In your Stamped dashboard, head to Settings > Integrations > Apps and select the Lantern integration, then click Install App

Quiz settings in Lantern

To enable showing product ratings in the results, make sure to do the following for each quiz:

  1. Edit the quiz and go over to the Results page
  2. From the left-hand side menu, select the Results Integrations drop-down

  3. Enable the Show product reviews option
  4. From the Reviews service to use the drop-down menu select Stamped

That's it! Product ratings collected in Stamped will now show up in the results, helping you increase conversion.

Questions about Lantern? Use the below information to contact their support team directly:

Looking to see if Lantern is a good fit for you? Book a call with our Quiz Specialist!

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