Stamped & Wizpop Setup

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Wizpop is an easy-to-use interface for Shopify merchants that allows them to create pop-ups and email designs without custom code requirements. 

The Stamped and Wizpop integration allows merchants to show their top-reviewed products in a pop-up to increase visibility, engagement, and revenue. 

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Activating The Integration

  1. Make sure you have both Stamped and Wizpop installed on your store.
 From your Shopify dashboard open the Wizpop app and go to Integrations. Click on the Stamped logo.

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  2. Under Settings, you can see that you will need your API public key, your Store Hash and your API private key. Navigate to your Stamped dashboard, click on Settings and under Integrations, click on API keys. Then, click on +Add API key, to generate a new API private key.

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  3. Navigate to the Integrations section in Wizpop and paste your API Public Key, Store Hash and API Private Key, then click connect - now your integration is ready!

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  4. To ensure you have your latest reviews from Stamped synced, click on Get latest.

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To ensure your integration is working properly, go to Popups > Create Popup where you will see a new tab called Integrations. Choose Stamped and click Proceed.

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Choose your template, fine-tune it and then click Publish. Open your store, wait for a few seconds and you should see your popup in action!

Screen Shot 2024-02-13 at 9.25.25 AM.png

If, for some reason, you’re experiencing any difficulties setting up your integration with Stamped, please reach out directly to the Wizpop team at

Video Tutorial

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