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Our Loyalty 2.0 Analytics provides an extensive set of reports and dashboards designed to give you a comprehensive view of your loyalty program's results and outcomes, including information on its Performance and Program Health.

Follow this guide to learn more about your loyalty program's metrics and how to utilize them in your strategies.

Key Notes

  • These reports pertain only to the Loyalty 2.0 dashboard. If you're not sure which dashboard version you are on, please go here
  • Your Performance and Program Health reports are found on your Stamped homepage under the Analytics tab

In This Guide


In this section, you will be able to review the performance of your loyalty program and gain insight into its overall results and outcomes to measure your return on investment (ROI). This will help you determine your loyalty program's effectiveness and success, as well as identify areas of improvement.

Loyalty Program Revenue

This graph shows trends in loyalty-attributed revenue over time. This is your net revenue (after discount) of purchases made with loyalty points, VIP redemptions, or referrals.

Toggle between the currency converter in the top right corner to view your Loyalty Program Revenue in different currencies. Directly below Total Revenue are your Revenue Sources, which are your top-performing Points & Rewards rules. Select a rule to toggle the graph and see the revenue earned from that specific rule.

Loyaly Analytics 2.0 1.png

Average Order Value (AOV)

The average order value is your total revenue divided by your total number of orders. This graph shows the average order value for new orders, repeat orders, and orders with a loyalty redemption, and allows you to drill down to specific rules that drive higher AOVs.

Loyalty Analytics 2.0 6.png

Average Basket Size

Average basket size refers to the number of products purchased by a customer in a single transaction. This is calculated as the total number of units sold divided by the total number of transactions. This graph shows the average basket size for new orders, repeat orders, and orders with a loyalty redemption, and allows you to drill down to specific rules that drive higher orders.

Loyalty Analytics 2.0 3.png

Loyalty Revenue as a % of Total

This graph shows the total percentage of attributed revenue from point redemptions, VIP tiers, and referrals during the selected date range.

Loyalty Analytics 2.0 4.png

Repeat Rate

This graph shows the percentage of customers who have made more than one purchase. The repeat rate is also known as the customer retention rate.

Loyalty-analytics.20 6.png

Program Health

These comprehensive reports provide an in-depth analysis of the health of your loyalty program and its effects on your business, allowing you to gain valuable insights and make data-driven decisions to drive growth and improve customer engagement.

Points Overview

This graph shows your overall loyalty program activity and health. You can track the volume of points earned, points redeemed, and point balances.

Your points breakage rate is the number of points earned divided by the number of points spent. You can calculate it using the information in this graph.

Loyalty Analytics 2.0 7.png

Earning Overview

This graph displays the total number of points earned by customers and highlights which program activities result in the most points earned.

Loyalty-analytics2.0 8.png

Redemption Overview

This graph shows the total number of points redeemed by customers and lists which program rewards result in the most points redeemed. Note: refunded and expired points are automatically calculated into this total.

Loyalty Analytics 2.0 9.png

New Customers

This graph shows the total number of customers who created a customer account within your chosen date range.



Through the Stamped dashboard under Analytics > Reports, you can download customer, activity and reward overviews to learn more about what's happening in your Loyalty program. 

Click on the blue link for each report to download data in a CSV directly to your device. For the activity and rewards reports, you can select a specific date range.

Customers Overview

This report contains customer-level information on points balances, points earned/spent, VIP tier, # of reviews and orders, and more. Note: refunded and expired points are automatically calculated into the pointsBalance total.

Activities Overview

This report displays customer profile activities for the given date range, such as account creation or manual points adjustments through the dashboard.

Rewards Overview

This report shows reward activities, such as coupons redeemed, for the given date range.

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