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Stamped's Facebook & Instagram syndication lets you show product ratings and reviews that you collected through Stamped on Facebook and Instagram. You can syndicate your product ratings and reviews. This feature is available on all Premium and above-paid plans. 

This article explains how to showcase your user-generated content on your Shops on Facebook and Instagram.

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Introduction to Facebook and Instagram Syndication

With consumers now more than ever turning to reviews to help decide on making an online purchase, ensuring you syndicate your collected data to all outlets you sell on is key to increasing conversions. 

How it Works
⦁ A shopper submits a product review for one of your products in response to your Stamped review request.
⦁ Once a week, Stamped pushes all of your ratings and reviews to Facebook and Instagram.
⦁ Facebook and Instagram try to match the reviews to products in your Shops on Facebook and Instagram, using product identifiers from your product catalog such as product name, product URL, and GTINs.
⦁ Facebook and Instagram posts successfully matched reviews on the relevant products, with language indicating each review’s origin.
⦁ Once a week, you’ll receive a report with the status of your syndicated reviews from Meta.
Important to know

⦁ Facebook & Instagram syndication is in beta and Q&A will currently not be displayed on your Shops.
⦁ Only US content will be syndicated and merchants must have Meta Shops Checkout enabled.
⦁ Facebook or Instagram may not publish specific content including, for example, if the content violates their policies, or they cannot match the content to a product.
⦁ Reviews will display only to shoppers on mobile devices.
⦁ We share all reviews and their status (published/rejected) with Facebook and Instagram. For reviews that were rejected, we share the reason for the rejection.

Enabling the Feed

The feed can be enabled directly from the Stamped Dashboard under the Integration section. Please click Save once enabled.

Please note that to connect this integration you must be on Stamped's Premium or above paid plans, have a shop located in the U.S., and have Meta's On-site Checkout enabled. Upgrade hereMeta_2.png


Will all of my ratings and reviews from Stamped appear in my Shops on Facebook and Instagram?

Facebook or Instagram may choose not to publish specific content including, for example, if the content violates reviews in accordance with their policies or they cannot match the content to a product. To give yourself the best chance of your content being published, use the same identifiers (GTIN or product URL) in your Stamped and Facebook and Instagram product catalogs match, so Facebook and Instagram can accurately match your Stamped reviews with your products.

How long does it take for ratings and reviews to show up in my Shops?

Ratings and reviews can take 2-4 weeks from when they were originally created in Stamped to when they are syndicated, matched, and displayed in your Shops on Facebook and Instagram.

If I change my product identifiers after opting into Facebook and Instagram Syndication, will these changes be automatically updated in Facebook?

Yes! We send regular weekly feeds to Facebook and Instagram that include new reviews and any changes you made to your product catalog.

Can I syndicate site reviews to my Facebook Page?

No, Facebook & Instagram integration syndicates only product reviews.

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