StampedIQ: Sentiment & Topic Analysis and Topics Filter

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The StampedIQ Sentiment & Topic Analysis features both use advanced algorithms to analyze the text of reviews and provide you with additional tools for managing your reviews. Identify reviews that need further investigation with StampedIQ Sentiment, or use the Topics Filter feature to highlight frequently mentioned keywords and phrases to other customers. 

Follow this guide to learn more! 

Key Notes

  • These features are available on the Professional plan and above - visit our pricing page for more info! 
  • The following languages can be used:

    Arabic                                                           Vietnamese
    Turkish                                                          Japanese
    Dutch                                                            Thai
    English                                                          Spanish
    French                                                           Portuguese
    German                                                         Polish
    Indonesian                                                    Korean
    Chinese (Simplified and Traditional)                                                           

In This Guide

Introduction To StampedIQ: Sentiment & Topics Analysis

Our AI-enabled feature analyzes review content to determine if a review matches the rating given by the customers and provides a detailed report of the sentiments expressed in them. This feature can help you identify reviews that require further investigation, enabling you to take appropriate action.

An example of an analyzed review in the dashboard:


The feature also helps prevent false-positive reviews from the Social Push and Ads Centre, ensuring that only the best reviews get shown to customers/shoppers. 

Sentiment Analysis will flag the review to highlight that the review requires attention and it will be shown in the 'Flagged' folder. These flagged reviews will have to be manually published by the owner before they can show up in the display widgets.

How to Enable

Topics Filter

The Topics Filter feature allows you to display frequently mentioned keywords and phrases in the reviews widget so customers can filter reviews on your product pages. These keywords are automatically generated on each review through our AI algorithm. 

Example of what a review in your dashboard will look like:



Here's an example of the keyword filters in the main widget on product pages:

Customizing Filters

If you'd like to display a custom selection of keyword filters in the main widget, you can add the data-keywords attribute to your main widget code. These customized filters will apply to the main widget on all product pages. 

<div id="stamped-main-widget"
data-keywords="example tag, example tag2, example tag3">

To exclude certain words from the Topic Filter, enter them here: 

How to Enable

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