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We have partnered with BoostCommerce to display product reviews rating in the search results as well as filter and sorting by them.

This integration will enable you to take the user's experience to the next level by showing up highly relevant search results and boosting sales with Collection Filter & Smart Instant Search and high-impact Customer content throughout their buying journey.

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Demo of the Integration

Display reviews/ratings in the product item.


Display filter option by ratings/reviews


Setting up the Integration

Attention: The current document only works with the new front-end lib from Boost Commerce. Please read this document first to know if you are using the latest version.
  1. In Shopify Admin Panel, Go to AppsProduct Filter & SearchToolIntegration
  2. Enable Stamped Reviews & UGCs integration
  3. Enter the Stamped Public API Key and click 'Submit'. You can find the API Key of your store by following this article
  4.  Acknowledge the integration notice that the process will remove old integration data of Stamped reviews (if any) to use the newly selected app data for integration on all themes.


Build Rating for the Product items

After the integration is completed. Auto-sync will start and the star rating badge for the product items will appear automatically.

By default, the review stars are placed underneath the product titles. In order to place the review stars to another position please look out for the line of code containing [[itemReviews]] in the file boost-pfs-filter-html.liquid, and then move it to the location as per your preference.


In case the file  boost-pfs-filter.liquid does not exist then you can check in boost-pfs-filter.js:


Build a filter option by ratings/reviews

After the sync is completed please wait for 3 minutes before creating the filter option by review ratings.
  1. In Shopify Admin Panel, Go to  Apps > Product Filter & Search > Manage Filter Tree
  2. Form a filter tree by clicking Add Filter Option button > Choose Review Ratings from the drop-down menu > And click Save



Kindly note that the sync process will run daily. If you want to sync the reviews instantly, please click the button  Sync now in the Product Filter & Search App.


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