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Stamped is now integrated with Emarsys, a customer engagement platform that allows you to leverage customer data collected through Stamped's reviews & rewards app and create better automated processes.

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Setting up Integration With Emarsys

Note: To initiate steps 1 to 4, you need to be the account owner within Emarsys in order to gain access to the security setting. This is required to set up the API key access for the integration to work.

  1. Within Emarsys's dashboard,  head over to Management -> Security Settings:

  2. Navigate to API Users and create a new API user for Stamped:

  3. Take note of the generated username and secret key, head over to Stamped's dashboard, and insert them into the integration panel for Emarsys:

  4. Click on "save".

  5. Once the credentials are saved, the button "Sync Emarsys" will appear within the integration panel. Click on the button to start syncing the data from Stamped over to Emarsys.

  6. Once the sync is completed, a new contact list will be created in your Emarsys account named  "Stamped":

  7. You can begin creating new automation based on the list and custom properties present for each customer.

List of Custom Properties 

You will find the custom properties pushed from Stamped located under the  "Others" tab when viewing a customer's profile within Emarsys:

Emarsys5.jpgHere is the list of custom properties related to Stamped reviews app that is synced over to Emarsys:

  • Last Sent Date
  • Last Review Score
  • Last Review Date
  • Last Review Sentiment Score
  • Number of Reviews
  • Last NPS Score
  • Number of NPS

For more information on the list of custom properties related to our reviews app, please visit the following documentation.

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