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Integrate Stamped's review collection process with Helpdesk applications to allow for seamless management of reviews and questions from customers, including replying to queries and handling negative feedback.

These include Gorgias, Re:Amaze, Help Scout & Zendesk to name a few. 

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Redirecting Notification Emails To Helpdesk App

Use your respective Helpdesk email as the appointed notification email to receive Question and Answer inquiries and to be alerted about Low Rating Reviews. 

To change the email for Questions and Answers please visit Dashboard Settings - Customize - Questions & Answers - Notifications


To change the notification email for Low Reviews please visit your Dashboard Settings - Customize - Reviews - Notifications


Adding Reply To Reviews/Questions 

You will receive a notification email similar to below

When you set the 'Notification' settings in Stamped for new reviews to a Helpdesk email, you'll receive a ticket similar to this (attached):


To use email replies to manage your product reviews, you must use the following wrapper in your reply, and feature your commands and text inside of the wrapper:

==========Add your reply below this line==========


Stamped uses programmed commands to change the status of a review within an email reply. These commands start with an @ symbol.

Example of a reply: 


The reply between the section will be added to the review automatically :)

This allows customer service staff to reply to reviews via the helpdesk app directly.

Using @ Commands

How to use @ commands

  • More than one command can be used by placing a space in between the commands.
  • Stamped @ commands are case-sensitive! Always use lowercase.
  • @ commands can be placed before or after a text reply.
  • If no text other than an @ command is included in the reply, a “blank” comment will be created.
  • Using @private will prevent the blank comment to be published publically. It can also be used with @email to send a customer an email reply without posting the reply publically.

Here are the @ commands available:

  • @archive - archive the message (for reviews that are illegitimate and/or require a support response)
  • @email - email the reply (sends a copy of your reply to the customer via email)
  • @private - post a reply that is only visible in the Stamped dashboard
  • @publish - publish a review (will publish a reply if one is included)

==========Add your reply below this line==========
Thank you for your review, John! [URL=] @publish @email

The example above will add the reply to the reviews, set the review as published, and will be emailed to the customer.

Sending Reminder Emails Using Helpdesk App

You can now send out reminder emails using the helpdesk app with the following guide:

Sending a Review Link Using Email Marketing Apps

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