Sending a Review Link Using Email Marketing Apps

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Brands using Klaviyo, Attentive, Drip, or another email marketing solution are able to send review links through these tools. 

We recommend using Stamped's review emails as the unique embedded review form increases review conversions by 2-3x. Using a review link instead of a Stamped review request impacts the following Stamped features:

  • Cannot upload videos
  • No redirection
  • No thank you page through the widget submission form.

If you do plan to use an EMS to send the review link, keep reading for detailed directions. In this guide, we will review: 

How to link to your self-hosted review page (Shopify Only)

Product-specific reviews

Here's an example of the self-hosted page -

To create this, please use the following URL - https://##storeURL##/a/review/write?product=##productHandle##

Note: Replace ##storeURL## with your store's URL and ##productHandle## with the Shopify's Product Handle.


For general reviews

Should you wish to collect general reviews from customers, you can use the following link instead: https://##storeURL##/a/review/write

After collecting the reviews, you can later assign them to a product using a tour guide to Assign reviews to another product.

How to link to product review pages (Non-Shopify)

For non-Shopify stores, you can redirect customers to the main widget located in the product pages instead. Here's an example of the link you can set up in the email:

Are reviews verified via this page?

Reviews are marked verified only when reviews are submitted via the product-specific Self-Hosted Write a Review Page (Example:, also there should be an associated order in the Stamped Queue. 

Reviews submitted on a general review page (Example:, will not be marked as verified.

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