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With the integration with Aftership, review emails will be sent out accordingly once the delivery status of the order is updated to "delivered", providing a more accurate method of sending out review emails.

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Setting Up The Integration

  1. Copy the Webhook URL from the following link:
  2. Paste the URL in the Webhook settings in Aftership.
    Here's the documentation from Aftership to locate the Webhook field:
  3. Select "All events" under the Events setting.
  4. Save the changes


Changing Interval Of The Integration

The Aftership integration will update the review email of the relevant order in the queue to be sent 1 day after the order has been notified as "delivered", while any NPS emails will be sent out 3 days later.

To change this interval, you will simply need to add "?interval=x" to the tail-end of the webhook URL, where x is the number of days you would like the email to be sent out after the status of the order has been updated to "delivered".

To update the interval for NPS emails, add "intervalNPS=x" instead

For example: ?interval=3&intervalNPS=5

The above webhook will trigger review emails to be sent out 3 days after the order has been delivered, and 5 days for NPS emails.

Adjusting The Email Sequence Interval

We suggest setting the interval of the review email sequence to be sent 30 - 40 days (based on your preference) after the order is placed, which serves as a fallback in any case that the "delivered" status didn't get notified for any reason: Change the Number of Days to Wait Before Sending Review Emails to Customers?

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