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If you need to modify your loyalty widget using Javascript, you may need to use Stamped's listening event to run the code after the widget is loaded. Follow this guide to learn how to add the listening event code.

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Adding The Listening Event Code

Add this JS function for listening to events fired by Stamped:

function addEventListenerStamped(el, eventName, handler) {
if (el.addEventListener) { el.addEventListener(eventName, handler); }
else { el.attachEvent('on' + eventName, function () { handler.call(el); }); }

// Listening for event
addEventListenerStamped(document, '##replaceWithEventName##', function(e) {

// Example
// Listening for launcher loaded event
addEventListenerStamped(document, 'stamped:launcher:loaded', function(e) {


Event Name Fired When
stamped:launcher:loaded The launcher loaded
stamped:widget:rewards-earnings:loaded Page Earnings widget loaded
stamped:rewards:redeemed A reward is redeemed in the launcher/widget
stamped:launcher:opened The launcher is opened

JS Methods

Script Function
StampedFn.toggleRewardsModal(); Open/close the Launcher
StampedFn.loadLauncherView('view-referrals-email'); Load the "Referrals" card view
StampedFn.loadLauncherView('view-spendings'); Load the "Spendings" card view
StampedFn.loadLauncherView('view-earnings'); Load the "Earnings" card view
StampedFn.loadLauncherView('view-your-rewards'); Load the "Your Rewards" card view

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