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The referral modal is a widget that you can add to any page, we recommend adding it to the Order Confirmation page.

You can view an example here:

This is how it works:

1) Customer completes their purchase
2) On the order confirmation page, the popup modal will show the option to share their purchase with friends to receive loyalty points
3) Customers can choose to share via email, Facebook, Twitter or with a direct link to the referral URL

This encourages customers to share their purchases with their friends, driving organic traffic growth.

You can find the widget settings here:

For Shopify:

To install the Modal on the order confirmation page, you'll simply need to copy the codes and paste it into:

Shopify => Settings => Checkout => Additional scripts

Codes to be added in the section:

{% if checkout.email %}<br><div id="stamped-reviews-widget" data-widget-type="rewards-referral-modal" data-style-color-background="#fabbbb" data-style-color-button="#d45500" data-style-color-link="#ff0000" data-customer-email="{{checkout.email}}" data-customer-first-name="{{customer.first_name}}"></div><br>{% endif %}

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