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Checkout Reviews are left by customers after they make a purchase in response to one question: “Why did you buy this item?” This gives three types of powerful results:

  1. Visibility into what influences purchase decisions for your customers,
  2. Increased user-generated content to showcase on your site and in marketing materials,
  3. And most importantly, the beginning of an enriched customer data profile based on zero-party data. 

These reviews are shorter and more direct that full-fledged product reviews, which customers receive after they have the product, but just as valuable of a data point. 

Here is an example of a Checkout Review:


Note: Checkout Reviews are available for all customers on a paid plan and using Shopify as their ecommerce platform.

In This Guide

Enabling Checkout Reviews

Checkout reviews are simple to enable. 

  1. Navigate to your Stamped Dashboard > Settings > Customize > Checkout Reviews.
  2. Enable the toggle and click Save.checkout2.png
  3. To edit the button color, navigate to Settings > Branding > Emails and enter your preferred hex code under Button backgroundcheckout3.png


Checkout review widgets

Stamped has three different checkout review widgets. Select the one that best matches your brand. 


  1. Boxcheckout4.png
  2. Bubblecheckout5.png
  3. Gallerycheckout6.png

Installing the Checkout Review Widget

The checkout review will require a separate widget to be displayed. Here's an example (below product image):

You can generate the code snippet in the display widgets page of the dashboard. 

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