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Follow this guide to learn how to verify reviews and how the "verified buyer" status applies to other areas within Stamped and your store.

Key Notes:

  • Reviews submitted from all sources can be verified, including review request emails, review submission forms on the main widget, and self-hosted "Write A Review" pages.

In This Guide

How Are Reviews Verified?

When a customer makes a purchase and submits a review, they will be marked as a "verified buyer". The verification process is completed by checking for:

  1. The customer's email address
  2. The product being reviewed
  3. Potential spam

Areas Where "Verified Buyer" Status Is Shown

Verified buyers are marked with a green checkmark icon in the Stamped dashboard.
They're also marked with green checkmark icons and/or "Verified Buyer" in different display widgets.

Main WidgetVerifiedB2.png
Review Photos (Pop-Up Interface)
Full-Page Widget


Application Of "Verified Buyer" In Other Areas Of Stamped

Some functions and features are only applicable to verified reviews/buyers:

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