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Follow this guide to learn how to verify reviews and how the "verified buyer" status applies to other areas within Stamped and your store.

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How Are Reviews Verified?

When a customer makes a purchase and submits a review, they will be marked as a "verified buyer" based on a few different criteria. This applies to reviews left via email, the main widget, or a self-hosted write-a-review page: 

  1. The email address on the review matches the email address in the customer's order
  2. The product being reviewed matches the product in the customer's order
  3. Potential spam

Areas Where "Verified Buyer" Status Is Shown

Verified buyers are marked with a green checkmark icon in the Stamped dashboard.
They're also marked with green checkmark icons and/or "Verified Buyer" in different display widgets.

Main WidgetVerifiedB2.png
Review Photos (Pop-Up Interface)
Full-Page Widget


Application Of "Verified Buyer" In Other Areas Of Stamped

Some functions and features are only applicable to verified reviews/buyers:

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