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Using SMS, instead of email or phone calls, results in a higher rate of engagement and a higher response rate. Customizable SMS reviews can be linked to product purchases, allowing you to gather more detail about the customer experience.

Communicating with customers through personalized SMS review requests doesn't just help you complete that task. It's also a part of relationship building that turns one-time buyers into repeat customers. With an authentic back-and-forth between you and your customers, you can turn repeat customers into brand ambassadors, sharing what they enjoy about your company with their friends and on social media.

Keep reading to learn how to enable SMS, manage your SMS credits, and more!

Note: The feature is only available for United States, Canada, and India stores currently.

In This Guide

How To Enable The SMS Feature

  1. Navigate to Settings - Customize - Reviews - Email Sequence
  2. Create a new sequence.  You will see the SMS option from the second sequence onwards. The SMS option can only be enabled for one sequence per account.
  3. Update the message for the SMS sequence, take note that there's a character limit of 320 for SMS messages.


Topping Up SMS Credits

Each pricing tier includes a specific number of SMS credits. However, you might require additional credits to send out enough SMS review requests that align with your monthly order volumes.

You can check your SMS balance in the Stamped dashboard under Settings > Billing
Dashboard link:

Plans:Billing 4.png

  • To add to your balance, please contact us at
  • SMS credits cost USD $0.07/each


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