Setting your Delay Interval

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The delay interval feature allows you to indicate a set number of days before review requests are sent to customers after an order is fulfilled or placed. You can set different delay intervals for each of your sequences, as well as for international or POS orders. Follow this guide to learn how! 

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Local Orders

By default, the delay interval is set to 14 days. We recommend a 14-day time frame, which takes into account shipping duration and allows customers sufficient time to experience the product before submitting a review.


International Orders

International shipping will usually take longer than local shipping due to customs clearance, delays, etc. It's recommended to use a longer delay interval with international orders to account for these differences. You can leave this blank if it does not apply.

Note: To disable review requests for international orders, set the interval as 999 days.

  • Expand the page by clicking Show All Settings under Interval
  • Change the number or leave in the space under Interval (International Orders)
  • Click Save 

Point-of-sale (POS) Transactions

We recommend requesting an immediate review for POS in-person transactions, as customers are less likely to complete a review after leaving your store.

Note: To disable review requests for POS orders, set the interval as 999 days.

  • Expand the page by clicking Show all settings under Interval
  • Change the digit or leave in the space under Interval (Point-of-sales)
  • Click Save 

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