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With our Products Dashboard, you can get a detailed overview of all the Products of your store with review attributes such as total reviews, ratings, and last reviewed date. The insights from the Products Dashboard can help you to analyze the products in terms of reviews and make better business decisions.

*Note - Products will be added to the Dashboard only when it receives a new User Generated Content (review, checkout-comment, questions, etc.)

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In the Products dashboard, you will see the list of all your products that received UGC with their average rating, the total number of reviews, and the last review date next to it. You also have the search option if you are looking for a specific product. You can also Sort and apply Filters using various attributes, and finally an Export option to extract the data in a spreadsheet for further analysis.



Navigating to the Products dashboard is pretty straightforward. All you have to do is open the Stamped dashboard and on the left panel, you will see the Products option.

Dashboard link -


Filter Products with Ratings and Reviews

Once you are in the Product Dashboard you can filter the products using Ratings and Reviews count.



Sort Products by Latest Reviewed, Total Reviews, and Ratings

You can Sort the Products which received the latest review, by most or least reviews and by highest or lowest ratings.


Export Products to analyze Reviews and Rating Breakdown

You can now export the Product list with the reviews and rating breakdown in a CSV file which can help you to perform a detailed analysis. Just click on the Export icon on the top and the CSV file will be downloaded.


The CSV file will have the details as shown in the following sample export:


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