Plans & Billings: Order Limits, Checking Your Plan, Billing Info, Failed Payments and SMS Balance

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This guide will teach you about order limits, how to check your current plan and any failed payments, monitor your SMS balance, and access billing information & invoices.

Key Notes

  • If you are billed through Shopify, your Stamped invoices, billing dates, and plan renewal dates can be found in your Shopify dashboard.

In This Guide

What are Order Limits?

Each Stamped plan comes with a set number of monthly review requests that you can send to your customers, which is referred to as your order limit.

This limit refers only to the number of orders for which review request emails are sent out, not the total number of orders placed. For example, you could have 500 orders placed to your online store, but if you just send out review requests for 250 of these orders, only 250 review requests would be deducted from your monthly limit. 

Your monthly order limit follows the calendar days from the first to the last day of the month, and your limit will be reset on the first day of the month. Once your limit is reached for the month, review request emails will pause sending and accumulate in the Queue. They will resume sending starting from the oldest scheduled date when either a new month starts or your plan is upgraded

Checking Your Plan

  1. In the Stamped dashboard, click on Settings, and under the Accounts tab, click on Plans.
    Dashboard link:
  2. Here, you can see which plan you are currently enrolled in: 

    Plans:Billing 1.png

  3. If you'd like to change your plan, please follow our guide linked here.

View or Update Billing

  1. In the Stamped dashboard, go to Settings - Accounts - Billing
    Dashboard link:
  2. On this page, your current billing information is displayed. You can update your payment method by clicking Change Billing Info:

    Plans:Billing 2.png
  3. Below your billing information, you can see a summary of each invoice on your account. To download a PDF version of an invoice or receipt, click on the PDF Invoice icon. Visit our guide on downloading invoices to learn more.

Failed Payments

If you are not billed through Shopify and have missed a recent payment on your Stamped account, you may see a banner in your Stamped dashboard that looks like the below image, or you may receive an automated email from our Billing team with instructions to follow. 

If you see the banner in your Stamped dashboard, simply click on the Update My Payment Method button to change your payment information and process your payment. 


Please contact for further assistance if needed! 

Checking SMS Balance

If you have enabled the SMS review request feature, then you can check your SMS balance in the Stamped dashboard under Settings > Billing. To learn more about SMS review requests, please visit our guide linked here.
Dashboard link:

Plans:Billing 4.png

  • To add to your balance, please contact us at
  • SMS credits cost USD $0.07/each

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