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It's recommended that you test out your review request sequence before going live. Follow this guide to learn how to create a test order in Shopify and send yourself a review request. 

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Creating A Test Order

  1. Login to your Shopify admin
  2. Click on 'Orders' on the left menu
  3. Click the 'Create Order' button on the rightTO1.png
  4. Search for and add a product
  5. Click the 'Add discount' to reduce the value of the item to $0
  6. Find or create a customer (be sure to add an email address so that Stamped can send the review request email)
  7. Click the 'Mark as paid' button
  8. Update order status to 'Fulfilled'
  9. Once done, the review request emails will be generated in Stamped under the 'Pending' section of your Queue
  10. In the Stamped dashboard, go to the 'Pending' section of your Queue to find the review request that was created, and click the 'Send' button to send the email to yourself
    Shopify Test Order 1.png

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