Shopify: Setting up a different interval for specific products

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*This feature only applies to the Shopify platform

You can now set up a different internal for the review emails to be sent out, which is independent of the dashboard settings. This is done using Shopify's tag system.

Using a store that sells hair products for example, you may want to send the review requests much earlier for any products that show instant results (eg. Shampoo, Conditioner) compared to supplements which will take a longer time to see the effects.

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Applying the Tag

You can simply include the following tag in the target products within Shopify admin: 

review-schedule-{number of days}

For example, if you would like the review requests for a specific product to be sent out 5 days after fulfillment, the tag review-schedule-5 should be applied to it:


Once the tag is applied, all newly generated review requests with the tagged product featured in the email will be sent out 5 days after fulfillment of the order for the first email sequence.

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