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Loyalty 2.0 introduces a new set of tools to help you create amazing loyalty experiences for your customers.

📢 No action required: While Loyalty 2.0 will introduce significant new functionality for program setup and on-site widgets, it will have no impact on your existing setup or settings upon release. The main difference you’ll see immediately following release is an upgraded Stamped Dashboard experience.

What's changing?

With Loyalty 2.0, you can look forward to:

  • A simpler, faster, and more intuitive dashboard that’s optimized for desktop and mobile users
  • Custom iconography and other tools for creating an on-brand loyalty experience
  • Additional rule options for tailoring your program to you and your customers’ needs
  • Enhanced VIP tiers and customization
  • Expanded V3 API for brands adding custom functionality (Note: There will be no impact to V2 API functionality or support at this time)

Head to our blog for a full summary of the changes.

Which version am I using?

We will be rolling out Loyalty 2.0 to existing accounts in the coming months. You’ll be notified 7 to 10 days in advance, so keep an eye on your inbox. No action is required from your side - you do not need to update or change anything. 

The best way to know if you are using Loyalty Classic or Loyalty is to open your Dashboard > Points, Referrals, or VIP

Classic Dashboard Example


Loyalty 2.0 Dashboard Example


Please reach out to us at if you have any questions.

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