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Stamped’s Auto-Publish feature gives you the ability to control what content you want to automatically publish and ensures your review publishing process is FTC-compliant. Follow this guide to learn more! 

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Best Practices for Publishing Reviews

We encourage you to publish all of your reviews (positive and negative) unless the review content is offensive or not relevant to your products or brand. By doing so, you can provide your customers with a genuine and broad understanding of customer sentiment about your products. You can publish with confidence as Stamped’s auto-publishing rules align with FTC guidance on review moderation.

Stamped’s auto-publish rules are aligned with Shopify’s Governance & Compliance, ensuring your brand is well protected.

Responding to Negative Reviews

If you do receive a negative review, we recommend that you respond to the review by thanking the customer for their feedback and asking how you can help improve their shopping experience. 95% of customers are suspicious of a brand’s credibility if it doesn’t have any negative reviews and 82% of customers actively seek out negative reviews. Learn more ways to manage negative reviews here.

The Do's and Don'ts of Collecting and Publishing Reviews

We strongly recommend that you follow these guidelines when collecting and publishing your reviews:

  • Do collect and publish reviews only from verified customers and buyers
  • Don't discourage your customers from submitting negative reviews
  • Don't publish fake reviews on your store's website
  • Don't publish reviews that you don't have the ownership rights to

The FTC advises not asking for reviews only from people you think will leave positive ones and, if you offer an incentive to consumers for leaving a review, don’t condition it, explicitly or implicitly, on the review being positive. Learn more about FTC guidelines here.

Enabling Auto-Publish

  1. Go to Settings - Customize - Reviews - Publish Reviews
  2. Toggle ON Enable Auto-Publish
  3. Select the minimum star rating needed for verified reviews to be published automatically
    Note: Unverified reviews will not be auto-published and will require moderation in the Pending tab
  4. Select the number of days until all reviews that do not meet the above star-rating criteria are published 
    Note: 14 days (including weekends) is the maximum delay permitted, after which all reviews that have not been moderated in the Pending tab will be published
  5. Click Save when you're done


Disabling Auto-Publish

Note: Disabling auto-publish means that all reviews will be moved to the Pending tab requiring moderation, and will not be published until action is taken. 

  1. Go to Settings - Customize - Reviews - Auto-Publish
  2. Toggle OFF Enable Auto-Publish
  3. Click Save when you're done


Managing Reviews in Auto-Publish

All reviews that fall below the number of stars indicated to auto-publish reviews can be found under Reviews - Pending in your Stamped dashboard. All reviews in this tab require action - either publish or unpublish your reviews to complete the moderation process. Archived & deleted reviews do not fall under the rules of the auto-publish feature and will remain unpublished. 

The below chart shows examples of how reviews are auto-published based on their verified status, star rating, and your store's settings when the auto-publish feature is enabled:

Scenario Verified? Star Rating Setting # of Days Setting Review Status What Happens to the Review?
4-star review Yes 4 10 Auto-published Review is published
3-star review Yes 4 10 Pending Review will be auto-published in 10 days
4-star review No 4 10 Pending Review will be auto-published in 10 days
2-star review No 4 10 Pending Review will be auto-published in 10 days

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