Disabling Specific Functions in Stamped Widgets & Scripts

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Certain functionalities in the Stamped widgets & script can be disabled depending on your design preferences. Follow this guide to learn more! 

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Disable CSS file from loading in the script

<script> window.stamped_exclude_main_css = true; </script>

Disable font from loading in the script

<script> window.stamped_disable_font = true; </script>

Disable the pop-up modal feature in widgets

The pop-up modals can be disabled with the below code, or, if using Shopify, it can be done through the theme editor: 

App Embeds 1.png

 <script> window.stamped_disable_review_single = true; </script>

Disable lazy loading of image thumbnails in widgets

<script> window.LazyLoadStampedDisabled = true; </script>

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