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Send notifications to your Slack's channel for new Reviews, Net Promoter Score Surveys, and Questions & Answers.

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When you receive a new UGC, you'll be notified on Slack, here's an example of the notification:


Setting up the integration

To connect your connect your Slack account, simply go to Stamped Dashboard => Settings => Apps.

Click on "Slack", and click on "Install" to proceed with the integration:



Slash commands

Below are the commands you can use in Slack Channel for Stamped.

1) Publish and unpublish reviews
You can now publish and unpublish reviews directly from your Slack Channel using these commands:

/publish [review-id]

/unpublish [review-id]


2) Replying to reviews

You can easily add a reply to reviews using the slash command:
/reply_review {review_id} {your_reply_here}

/reply_review 2679 Thank you for your review!

3) Answering questions
You can easily answer questions directly from your Slack Channel using these commands:

/reply_question question_id your_reply_here


Once you have replied to the question, there'll be a notification prompt showing up:


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