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Connecting your Stamped product reviews with Fomo is easy, and does not require any coding experience.

Note: Stamped for Fomo is currently only available on and Fomo Pro for Shopify. If you are using the basic version of Fomo for Shopify, you will need to upgrade first.

In This Guide

Setting Up The Integration

Step 1 - Enable Stamped

While logged in to Fomo, visit the Integrations tab at the top.


Select 'Stamped' and click Connect:


Step 2 - Enable Fomo

On the next page, you'll be asked for your Shopify store admin URL. 

Note: this is not the same as your vanity domain; it should be the URL you use to log into Shopify.


Are you using Stamped, but not on Shopify? Let us know.

Step 3 - You're done!

Going forward, new Stamped product reviews will be sent to your Fomo event feed and shown on your website in real-time.


To edit the message structure of your Fomo notifications, simply visit the Templates tab while logged into Fomo, and edit the 'Stamped Review' template.

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