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We have partnered with Fast Simon to display product reviews rating in the search results as well as filtering and sorting by them. This integration will enable you to take the users experience to the next level by showing up highly relevant search results by Fast Simon along with the social proof of Stamped users generated content which can results in higher conversion.

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Setting Up The Integration

The integration setup with Fast Simon is straightforward and can be done with few clicks.

1. Login to your Shopify Admin Panel and click  ' Apps' on the left


2. Click on ' Fast Simon' in the Apps list


3. Once you're inside the app, select ' Integrations' on the left menu 


4. Click on the tab under Stamped to enable the integration:


5. A pop-up modal will appear, select your plan and enter the required API keys:


6. Obtain the Public and Private API Keys from the Stamped Dashboard. 

Go to → API Keys tab, and click the Show button. Next, copy both Public and Private API keys.


7. In ' Client ID' enter the Stamped Public API Key and the Private Key goes in the 'Secret Key' text box, and then click on 'Save'

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