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Our widget codes can be integrated into the Shogun page builder as well, but it will require the product ID to be manually entered as Shogun does not accept liquid codes.

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Adding Widget Codes Into Shogun

  1. Create an HTML element and place it in the location you would like the widget to appear:
  2. Edit the element, and add the widget code of your choice:

Here are the codes to use for the main review widget & badge:

  • Main review widget
    <div id="stamped-main-widget" data-product-id=""></div>
  • Star rating badge
    <span class="stamped-product-reviews-badge stamped-main-badge" data-id="" style="display: inline-block;"></span>

Replace with the actual product ID of the product in the page. Here's our guide on finding the product ID in Shopify.

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