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You can easily insert Stamped's display review widget into GemPages in just a few simple steps. We will be using a product page template as an example in this guide.

Here are some direct guides from Gempages:

In This Guide

Install Stamped Widgets Easily with Gempages

You can now install any Stamped widgets easily in Gempages without the need to insert any codes. Simply search for "stamped" in the sidebar and the option will appear:


You can then drag and drop the widget into the section of your choice within the page, and customize the widget further with the available settings:


Inserting Widget Codes Inside GemPages

In cases where the default GemPages option does not fit your requirement, the widget codes can be manually installed as well.

  1. Search for the liquid element in the sidebar and insert it into the page:


  2. Select the inserted liquid element and click on edit (pencil icon):

  3. Inside the editor, you can insert the following codes for the main review widget:
    Main review widget
    <div id="stamped-main-widget"   
    data-product-id="{{ }}"   
    data-name="{{ product.title | escape }}"   
    data-url="{{ shop.url }}{{ product.url }}"   
    data-description="{{ product.description | escape }}"   
    Star rating badge
    <span class="stamped-product-reviews-badge stamped-main-badge" data-id="{{ }}" data-product-sku="{{ product.handle }}" style="display: inline-block;"></span>
  4. Other display widget codes can be inserted as well using the same method: Display Widgets
  5. Remember to save and publish to see the widgets applied to the page.

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