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Follow this guide to learn how to integrate Smile + Stamped, which is done from Smile's dashboard. The following guide is partially taken from Smile's own guide for this integration.

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Setting Up The + Stamped Integration

  1. On the Apps page of your Smile Admin, select the Stamped app and click Install

  2. You will be prompted to authorize Stamped to read customers and manage activities. Click  Authorize to link your Stamped account to Smile.

Create A New Action to Award Points For

Once you've linked your Stamped account to Smile, you need to set up the Stamped action to reward points for specific actions. The process for creating these actions is identical.

You can create an action for:

  • Uploading a photo
  • Uploading a video
  • Writing a review
  • Writing a net promoter score review
  • Sharing a review (Beta)
  1.  Go to Program - Points and click View all actions

  2. In the Actions page, click Add action

  3. A popup will appear with all the actions you can create. Scroll down to find actions specifically related to Stamped.

  4. Select the action you would like to award points for, set the number of points awarded, and click Create


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