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The integration allows you to reward points to customers when they submit their content such as reviews, photos, and more, enticing the customers with additional motivation to contribute to your User-Content generation strategy.

Note: Swell Custom actions are available only in Swell's Pro plan

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Setting Up The Integration

1) In your Apps page, click on 'Rewards and Referrals by Swell' 


2)  Once you are in your Swell Dashboard, the Merchant ID can be found in the Settings => Merchant ID is the top field

Swell_2.png3) You can start setting up the rewards by clicking on the 'Earning Points' => and clicking the “Start a New Campaign” button, on the next page, select “Custom Action” at the bottom of the page. 



4) In the Campaign creation page, this is where you define the action and points to reward customers. Here's a list of actions you can reward users for:

  • submitted_review 
    When a customer submits a review
  • submitted_photo
    When a customer uploads photos for their review
  • submitted_video
    When a customer uploads a video for their review
  • submitted_nps
    When a customer submits a Net Promoter Score Survey
Note: The action Name field needs to match the exact action name given in the list above


5) Copy the API Key field from the newly created campaign. You can find the 'API Key' at the bottom right of the campaign card:


6) Go to Stamped Dashboard, under Settings > Apps > Swell Rewards > click on Install App. Fill in the Merchant ID and API Key you obtained from Step 4 above. 


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