LoyaltyLion + Stamped Integration

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The LoyaltyLion integration allows you to reward customers with points after they submit a post-purchase review (not a Checkout Review).

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Setting Up The LoyaltyLion + Stamped Integration

To set up the integration, you must have Stamped installed on LoyaltyLion.

1. Go to Manage - Activity Rules - Create a new rule

2. Click Leave a review via Stamped


3. Enable review notifications by going to Stamped - Notifications - Enable Email Notifications, then add your unique LoyaltyLion email address


4. To forward review emails to a specific email address, fill in the Forward emails field. Leave it blank if you don't want to receive any review emails.


5. Save the changes in Stamped


6.  Complete your set-up by assigning the number of points earned for leaving a review, approval period, limitation, and unique notification


7. Click Create rule to save your settings


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