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Kustomer is a Customer Relationship Management(CRM) platform for managing high support volume effortlessly.

Stamped now has integration with Kustomer to allow agents to easily track and see reviews in customers’ timelines.

When a customer publishes a review in Stamped, this integration will create or update the custom Review object with a maximum of 20 custom fields on a customer's timeline.

See the example of a custom Review added to a customer's timeline after publishing a Review

Kustomer1.pngPlans: * Kustomer Integration requires a Stamped Business or Pro account

In This Guide

Install Stamped in Kustomer

To begin integrating Stamped with Kustomer, install the Stamped app from within the Kustomer App Directory.

1. Go to Settings and select Apps => App Directory.

2. Locate Stamped from the list, and then select Install.

3. Go to Settings and select Platform => Inbound Webhooks => Form Hooks.

4. Locate the Sync Stamped user reviews hook, select the Menu icon at the right side of the row, then select Copy Hook Address. This address will be used in the following step on the Stamped website.


Add the webhook in Stamped

Then, log in on the Stamped site to configure our Kustomer API.

1. Log in as an administrator in Stamped, and go to Settings => Webhooks.

2. Select Add Webhook.

Fill out the fields as follows:

    • Payload URL: Paste the copied Hook Address from the Kustomer settings here.
    • Secret: [leave blank]
    • Is Active: Check this box. (Uncheck when you wish to deactivate the webhook.)
    • All events: Uncheck this box, then under Choose Events check New Reviews.
    • For more on webhooks see our guide on:


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