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Rebuy’s personalization engine seamlessly integrates with Stamped so you instantly build trust and win customers at key decision points. Customers using Stamped to display social proof online are now able to surface hyper-targeted product reviews and ratings within Rebuy’s data-driven upsell and cross-sell offers. Help your existing customers advocate for your brand when and where it matters most with Rebuy’s integration for Stamped.

This integration is built and managed by Rebuy’s developers. Please contact Rebuy here with any questions.

Key Benefits

  • Give your sales a boost by featuring customer ratings and reviews in Rebuy’s smart product recommendations.
  • Instantly build trust and drive conversions at key points in the buyer’s journey.
  • Leverage the power of super-targeted social proof in every Rebuy upsell, cross-sell, and post-purchase offer.

Activating The Integration

From the Rebuy Admin Settings, head to integrations and select Stamped.


Enable it.


Then from your widget(s) settings, click integrations and select it again! Rebuy3.png

If you'd like to change the color of the stars shown, you can change them via the "Manage Rebuy Theme" on the dashboard.

Not seeing all your stars? Head to the Data Source tab and clear the metafields cache. The new data will come through! 

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