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Stamped allows for multiple avenues whereby customers can submit a review for your store, on top of the review emails that are being sent out by the app.

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Product Reviews

Here are the available forms for submission of product reviews in your store's pages:

  1. Self-hosted write-a-review page (Shopify only)
    Shopify stores with Stamped installed will be able to render a self-hosted write-a-review page with a simple link:


  2. Main review widget
    For other platforms, it's possible to embed the main review widget instead, which comes with the submission form. Here's the code you make use of:
    <div id="stamped-main-widget"></div>
    div#stamped-main-widget:not([data-product-id]) .stamped-summary-actions {display: block !important;}

Net Promoter Score(NPS)

Note: The NPS feature is only available on the Professional plan

NPS form modal

  1. Head over to Settings > Widgets > Form Widgets > Net Promoter Score Form Modal
  2. Fill up the fields, customer email is required. For Shopify stores, the tag would be {{}} 
  3. Click on Get Codes to generate the code snippet
  4. Insert the code snippet in the page where you would like the form modal to be loaded, for example the order confirmation page in Shopify.


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