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NPS (Net Promoter Score) Form Modal is a widget for collecting NPS scores without needing to send emails to your customers. Follow this guide to learn how to customize and install the NPS Form Modal widget.

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How It Works

You can place the NPS Form Modal widget anywhere you'd like to collect NPS scores. We recommend placing it on your order confirmation page, where our users see higher conversion rates. When customers complete their purchase and reach the order confirmation page, the NPS Form Modal will pop up, where they can submit their feedback.


Customizing and Generating the Widget Code

  1. Go to Settings - Widgets - Form Widgets - Net Promoter Score Form Modal
  2. Customize your NPS Form Modal however you'd like. Customer emails are required - for Shopify stores, the tag is {{}}.


3. Click "Get Codes", then "Copy Codes" to save them to your clipboard


Installing NPS Form Modal

Add the widget code generated in the previous step to wherever you want your NPS Form Modal widget to appear.

For example, to install the NPS Form Modal on your order confirmation page, go to Shopify - Settings - Checkout - Additional Scripts and add the following:

{% if %}<div id="stamped-reviews-widget" data-widget-type="nps-submission-form" data-email="{{}}" data-name="{{}}"></div>{% endif %}

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