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Eager to showcase your product ratings to customers in your brand's EDM/Newsletter? You can now do so by embedding our dynamic star rating badge in your email.

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Types Of Badges Available

  1. Site Rating Badges (Shows the overall rating and count of all reviews in the dashboard)
    1. Single Line Badge
    2. Double Line Badge
    3. Ribbon Badge
  2. Product Rating Badge (Shows the rating and count for a single product)

Adding The Site Rating Badge

  • Go to Settings - Email Widgets.
  • Pick the type of site badge you would like to add, click on "get codes" and paste the code snippet in your email template.


Adding The Star Rating Badge

  • Go to "Product Rating" under the same section:


  • Enter the product ID of the relevant product and click on "get codes", then paste the generated image code into your email template.

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