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Stamped dashboard tracks and provides tools that allow users to easily analyze and break down critical data that can be used to measure the impact of the app, which is a main indicator of how the business is performing after the installation. Below is an overview of the data available in the Analytics Dashboard. By default, the data will be shown for the current month. Use the Date filter control at the top of the page to visualize the reviews data over any given period of time.

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Promoters, Passives, and Detractors of your business

You will be able to get a clear picture of the overall NPS of your customers through a graphic representation of the share of your customers who are contributing to positive, Moderate, and negative sentiments. This is also a good gauge of the overall performance of your business.


Total Review Request Emails Sent

You can easily track or view the total order count for request emails sent over any date interval.


Total NPS Emails Sent

You can track and view the total order count for NPS emails sent out for any date interval over in the stamped analytics page:


The Average Rating of your reviews over time

This shows the mean rating of the reviews collected over a period of time. You can also view a breakdown of your reviews for any date intervals.


The Total NPS score over a period of time

This shows the mean score for your NPS reviews submitted by your customers over a period of time.


Conversion Tracking of Review and NPS email sequence

Stamped also tracks the conversion rate of each review and NPS email sequence, so you will be able to get a clear picture of how well the different email sequences are doing, and which one converts best for your target audience.

The conversion rate is calculated by comparing the open rate versus the review rate by the customers.

The open rate is the percentage of review emails or NPS opened by customers out of the total emails sent over a given period of time.

The review rate is the percentage of reviews or NPS submitted by customers out of the total emails sent out over a given period of time.

This data is usually presented below the reviews or NPS totals and averages as part of the email sequence breakdown.

    • Conversion Tracking for review emails sequence

Here’s an example: (100%) 20 Opens / (50%) 10 Reviews


    • Conversion Tracking for NPS email sequence


Here’s an example: (62%) 13 Opens / (295%) 62 NPS


Sales Tracking

Stamped Conversion and Sales Tracking provide in-depth analytics to track your ROI through individual marketing channels (e.g. Widgets, Social Push, Recommendations, etc).

You can use this tool to increase revenues by learning which marketing channels are driving traffic and sales to your store via your reviews.

Viewing Total Revenue And Sources

Any clicks on links within stamped widgets or emails leading to a purchase in the store will be considered as a sales conversion contributed by our app.

You can therefore view the total revenue earned and also keep track of which widgets/features help your store in generating additional revenue via our app.

This can be through the Main Widget, Product Recommendation, Product Links in Social Push/Ads/Shares

To view the full list of our display widgets, please visit: Display Widgets Showcase


Other criteria which you can use to analyze your Reviews data over a given period of time are as follows.

i) Top Countries by Reviews

ii)Top Products by Reviews

iii) Top Products by Ratings

iv) You can do comparisons between different products by Ratings

v)Top Customers by Reviews

vi) Top Keywords in Reviews

vii) Top Searches

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