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Adding customer-submitted photos and videos to your product reviews (also known as user-generated content, or UGC) can greatly improve your conversion rate and brand awareness. Follow this guide to learn how you can ask your customers for photos and videos in their reviews.

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Key Notes

  • Photo reviews are available on all paid plans; each review is limited to a maximum of 3 photos
  • Video reviews are available on the Business plan and above
  • Photo and video reviews will not be auto-published, even if the auto-publish feature is enabled
  • Supported file types for photo and video uploads:
    • .jpg, .gif and.png (photos)
    • .mov or .mp4 (videos)

In This Guide

How do Photo and Video Reviews Boost Conversions?

Photo and video reviews from customers have the power to raise brand awareness, increase conversions, drive sales, and build your community. 60% of customers prefer photo reviews and they can lead to a 4x higher conversion rate on your product pages. Additionally, they can be repurposed as UGC (user-generated content) across your marketing and social channels, driving even more traffic and revenue.

Just like your text reviews, photos and videos are submitted by customers in the review form:

  1. Your customer receives a review request via email or SMS & completes the written review
  2. Your customer is then redirected to the Image / Video submission page, where they are asked to upload images of the product
    • The customer can skip the photo or video if they prefer a text-only review
  3. Once they add an image or video, they are redirected to your thank you page

Below is an image of what the customer sees during the review collection process:



Enabling The Photo/Video Upload Feature

  1. In the Stamped dashboard, go to Settings - Customize - Reviews - Photos & Videos
  2. Select the checkbox for Photos Upload and/or Video Upload, depending on the feature you would like to enable
  3. Click Save
  4. That's it! Now that the feature is enabled, customers will be prompted to add their images and videos to their reviews
    • Note: The Add Photos button that the customer sees will also allow video submission as long as the feature is enabled in the dashboard


Moderating Photo and Video Submissions

  • In the Stamped dashboard under Moderation - Reviews, click on any review containing a customer-submitted photo and you can use the buttons below to rotate its orientation. Simply click the button in the top-right corner of the photo while hovering over it.


  • Individual photos & videos can also be published/unpublished by clicking on the eye icon: 


How to Watermark Photos 

Adding a watermark to the images uploaded by your customers can prevent copyright issues, and emphasize your branding when using these photos in other areas.

  1. Go to your Dashboard - Settings - Customize - Reviews - Photos & Videos
  2. Check the Photos Watermark box and upload the image you'd like to use as your watermark (must be at least 150px in width)
  3. Click on Save 


Below is an example of what this will look like:



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