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With our Instagram Shoppable Gallery, you can easily moderate and filter high-quality, on-brand visual content in your Instagram Curation Dashboard using StampedIQ's Computer Vision AI. Follow this guide to learn how to navigate this feature, including how to filter, moderate, and tag visual content.

Key Notes:

  • This feature is only available on the Professional Plan 
  • Your Facebook account needs to be linked to your Instagram Business account

In This Guide

Introduction To Instagram Curation

Visual content like photos and videos enrich your product reviews and help potential customers get a better understanding of your products, which encourages them to make their first purchase. 79% of consumers say that user-generated content has a significant impact on their purchasing decisions, so photos and videos should play an important role in your review strategy.

Feature Highlights:

  • Filter photos/videos by dominant colors
  • Filter photos/videos that include or exclude people
  • Create albums that contain Instagram photos and videos and/or review photos and videos

Connecting Your Facebook Account (Instagram)

  1. Go to Settings - Social - Social Accounts
  2. Click "Connect Facebook" to connect your Facebook account, which should be linked to your Instagram Business account.


Approving/Rejecting Photos And Videos


Once you've connected your Facebook and Instagram accounts, your photos and videos will auto-populate in Moderation - Instagram. There are four different tabs:

Tab Description
My Posts Photos and videos posted on the store's Instagram account
Tagged me Photos and videos tagged to the store's Instagram account by customers 
Mentioned me Photos and video with the store mentioned in the comments by customers (the post still needs to be tagged)
Hashtags Photos and videos sorted by hashtag 


Click on "Reject" or "Approve" under each photo or video to either reject or approve the content. Approved content will appear under the Approved section, and rejected content will appear under the Rejected section. Rejected content can be restored back to the Pending section at any time.



  1. Review photos and videos will auto-populate in Moderation - Visual UGC. There are two different tabs:
    Tab Description
    Photos Photos uploaded by your customers along with the reviews
    Videos Videos uploaded by your customers along with the reviews
  2. Click on "Reject" or "Approve" under each photo or video to either reject or approve the content

  3. Approved content will appear under the Approved section, and rejected content will appear under the Rejected section. Rejected content can be restored back to the Pending section at any time.

Adding the Instagram Feed Widget to your Theme (Shopify Users)

The Instagram Feed widget can be added to any theme to display your Instagram photos and customer UGC in either gallery or carousel form (see examples linked here). Please follow the steps in our feature guide on Installing Display Widgets and select the Instagram Feed widget. 

When you approve content from the previous steps, these photos/videos will populate in the widget you add to your store. Only one UGC widget can be added per store page. 

If you want to customize multiple Instagram Feed widgets for different pages in your store, you can do so either in the widget itself when adding to your theme (Shopify 2.0) or in the Stamped dashboard before generating your widget code (Shopify Vintage). 

Filtering Photos and Videos

You can filter your photos and videos by dominant colours and/or by whether they include or exclude people. Multiple filters can be applied at the same time. 

Instagram_Curation_4.pngDominant Color

  • No dominant colours: no dominant colours have been selected
  • Colours: display content with the selected dominant colour (e.g. black, blue, brown)



  • Include Persons: display content with people
  • Exclude Persons: display content without people


Other Filters

  • Featured (Instagram): filter to content marked as "Featured"
  • Date Upload: filter to content uploaded within the set date range
  • Media Type: filter content by media type (i.e. photos or videos)
  • Likes (Instagram): filter to content with a higher/lower number of likes than the set number
  • Comments (Instagram): filter to content with a higher/lower number of comments than the set number
  • Product tagged (Instagram): filter to content tagged with specific products
  • Product tag status (Instagram): filter to content that has either been tagged or not tagged

Automated Rights Management (ARM) (Instagram)

You can request permission from your customers to share their posts.

Note: This is not required for curating customers' Instagram posts.

  1. Go to Moderation - Instagram, then click "Settings"
  2. Under the Instagram Automated Request Management (ARM) section, update the "ARM permission request message" and "ARM permission agree tag" fields to your liking.


  3. Return to Moderation - Instagram, then click on the "ARM" button below the photo or video you would like to request permission for.
  4. Follow the instructions provided and click "Done" to move the post to the ARM - Pending Approval section.


  5. When the customer replies with the designated "ARM permission agree tag", their photo or video will be moved to the Approved section.

Tagging Photos And Videos (Instagram)

  1. Go to the Approved section in Moderation - Instagram
  2. Click on the tag icon at the bottom left of the photo or video you want to tag 


  3. Click on "Add product tag", then click on the photo/video where you want the tag to be placed
  4. Search and select the product name
  5. You can also click on "X" beside the product name to remove product tagsInstagram_Curation_13.png

Visual content tagged with "featured" will be showcased before other visual content in the Instagram Feed display widget.

Go to Moderation - Instagram, then click the star icon below the photos or videos you want to feature. The icon will turn orange. Click again to remove the "featured" tag.


Creating Albums

Create albums to showcase specific visual content in your display widgets.

  1. Go to Moderation - Instagram and check off the photos and videos you want to include
  2. Click on the dropdown menu at the top and select "Add photos to Album"


  3. Search for an existing album or create a new album, then click "Add to new album [name]". Take note of the album ID, as it will be added to your display widget codes.


  4. Add the following data attribute to your display widget code: 
    <div id="stamped-reviews-widget" data-widget-type="instagram-feed" data-album-id="1865"></div>
  5. Add or replace your existing display widget codes with your updated code in your template file.


  1. Why is my approved visual content not showing up in the display widget?
    Visual content will not show up in widgets if they aren't tagged with a specific product. Make sure to tag at least one product in every photo and video.
  2. Why can't I see my latest Instagram posts in Stamped?
    Go to Moderation - Instagram, then click "Sync". Once the sync is complete, all of your latest posts will be added to your Instagram Curation Dashboard.
  3. Why can't I see tagged Reels, only tagged photos and videos?
    Instagram's API currently doesn't support pulling Reels, only photos and regular video posts. If this becomes available in the future, we will look into adding this functionality.

  4. Can images be resized or cropped?
    No, images will be displayed with the original dimensions the customer uploaded. 

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