Loyalty & Rewards: Exclude Customers From All Emails

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Using the suppression list allows you to permanently exclude customers from all future emails sent from Stamped. Follow this guide to learn how to add emails to your suppression list.


The below guide provides instructions for both our Loyalty Classic and Loyalty 2.0 experience. We are migrating customers to Loyalty 2.0 throughout the coming months. If you're unsure which version you are on now, please first navigate here.

In This Guide

Adding Emails To The Suppression List

Loyalty Classic

  1. Go to Settings - Exclusions
  2. Under "Suppressions", add the email addresses you'd like to exclude from your loyalty program. Note: Separate each email address with a new line.
  3. Click Save to save your settings


Loyalty 2.0

  1. Go to Earnings Points and scroll down to the Customer Exclusions section
  2. Under Suppressions, add the email addresses and/or domain names you would like to exclude from your loyalty program


Import Emails Using a CSV File

If you have a long list of email addresses you'd like to exclude, they can be imported using a CSV file instead. Please prepare the file with only email addresses in a single column, then send it to us at support@stamped.io. Our support team will assist you with importing the email addresses into your suppression list.

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