Loyalty & Rewards: Redeeming Points on Checkout (Shopify Checkout Extension)

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Follow this guide to learn how to add a points redemption widget on the Shopify Plus checkout page!

Key Notes:

  • This guide is only applicable to Shopify Plus users

Variable Points Redemption using Shopify Checkout Extension

Logged-out POV:

Shopify Checkout 6.png

Logged-in POV:


- To use this feature, users need to be on a Shopify Plus plan and have the Shopify Checkout Extensibility enabled
- Users need to be on the Stamped Loyalty 2.0 dashboard 

  1. In your Shopify Plus admin dashboard, head to Settings > Checkout
  2. In the Checkout Customization section, click Customize beside the default checkout profile:

    Shopify Checkout 1.png

  3. This will bring you to the Shopify Checkout customization section in your Theme Editor. From here, click Add App Block and select the points-redemption block:

    Shopify Checkout 2.png

    Shopify Checkout 3.png

  4. You'll be prompted to enter the Discount Rule ID for the block, which can be found in the Redeeming Points section of your Stamped dashboard by finding the rule, clicking the ... and selecting Copy Rule ID:

    Shopify Checkout 5.png
  5. Don't forget to hit Save in the Theme Editor when you're done!

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