Loyalty & Rewards: Translating Launcher Content

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The translation of the launcher can be done for multilingual sites by making use of customer language tags which are automatically inserted by a translator app (Langify for example)

NOTE: This is only applicable for the Shopify platform currently.

Inserting multiple translations into the launcher content

This can be done by combining the use of liquid code with the customer tags to determine the language of the content showing on the launcher, here’s an example entered in the launcher localization settings:

{% if customer.tags contains "lang:de" %}  Belohnungsprogramm {% else %} Rewards Program {% endif%}<br>


{% if customer.locale contains "de" %}  Belohnungsprogramm {% else %} Rewards Program {% endif%}


In this example, the tag “lang:de” has been automatically applied for customers who are viewing the German storefront by a translator app, and this will allow the Launcher to show the title as “Belohnungsprogramm” for these customers viewing the German storefront, and “Rewards Program” for the rest of the customers.

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