Loyalty & Rewards: The Process of Referral Invitation

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Stamped's Referral Program allows customers to refer friends and take advantage of exclusive discounts and freebies. This guide explains the referral process and answers frequently asked questions.

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How does a customer/affiliate refer his friend?

To become an affiliate, the first step is to locate the Page Referral widget and input your email address to join the referral program. Once you've done that, the system will prompt you to enter your friend's email address and send them an email with a link to claim their gift right away.


Once the affiliate refers their friends, each friend will receive an email titled "Referral Share". The email will contain a button that they can click on to claim their reward. Upon clicking the button, the friend will be taken to your store with the launcher opened, where they will be offered a coupon code. Additionally, they will receive another email titled "Referral Claimed".


After a friend makes a purchase using a coupon code they received from an affiliate, the affiliate who referred them will receive an email titled "Referral Completed" with a coupon code as a reward for the successful reference. If the merchant has chosen to offer Points instead of Rewards as the commission, the affiliate's account will be directly credited with points, which they can redeem later.


Do they need an account to join the referral program or redeem the coupon?

Instructions below are for both our Loyalty Classic and Loyalty 2.0 experience. We are migrating customers to Loyalty 2.0 throughout the coming months. If you're unsure which version you are on now, please first navigate here.

Loyalty 2.0

Yes, customers will need to have an account with your store to complete the Referral process. When the Customer refers their Friend, the Friend will automatically have an account created for them which is necessary to redeem their coupon.

Loyalty Classic

The entire process, including the redemption of coupons, doesn’t require an account. Both the affiliates and the referrals can join, refer, claim, and redeem coupons without signing up and logging into your store as explained above.

However, they will get additional advantages like viewing the points, keeping track of the activity, and knowing more about other rewards if they sign-up or log in to the account. They can directly sign-up/log in through the widget and manage the rewards right through the widget.


How do customers, affiliates, and referrals view their activities?

Customers can view and manage all the rewards and details through the Launcher widget.

Where else can users see their points and keep track of their activity?

Stamped offers a wide range of display widgets to use for various purposes. Merchants can embed the display widgets on the home page, a fresh static page, or even on the My Account page.

If you want the customers to check the points through the My Account page itself, you can embed the Page Summary display widget, My Activity and Points/Value/VIP tier Indicator widgets - Loyalty & Rewards: Display Widgets - Stamped Help Center

You simply have to copy the codes from here and embed them on the My Account page or a fresh static page. The codes are in simple HTML and you are welcome to copy other widgets as per your requirement.

Here is what a sample page with all our display widgets looks like - https://www.gatomall.com/pages/rewards.

I am unable to view Page Referral. What happened?

Please make sure the app is installed on your store and embed the display widget.

Why can’t I see the social share icons and email referral form?

The social share buttons appear in the launcher and the referral widget when users are logged into their accounts.

What happens if they select Points?

Points will directly be credited to their accounts and they can redeem them to use on their next purchase.

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